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Jo Myns (pseudonym for Johan Van der Mynsbrugge) shows true passion for the human body in all its aspects. Jo is mainly a self-taught artist, who acquainted his knowledge as the years passed by. Initially he experimented for about 10 years to find a way to express his source of inspiration - the human body - in clay.

His eagerness to master the knowledge of materials commits him for eight years to the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamme (B)

The enthusiasm of his mentors, in combination with Jo´s true passion and acquired knowledge, are soon expressed in a remarkable development. Finally he gets the chance to realize a long cherished dream... life-sized nudes, three-dimensional "snapshots" of moving bodies, loaded with tension, in lively Belgian bronze.

One cannot avoid but to be fascinated by the impressive male- and elegant female bodies of the Flemish artist Jo Myns.